Club Championship

The Club holds Junior and Senior Club Championship events. Held every year, it is also a competitive occasion that provides an opportunity for Club members to show their skills and have their name permanently etched onto the Dickson Squash Club Honour Board.

Club championships are graded, with players guaranteed at least 3 matches, it's not just for the elite.

Club championships are advertised in the Yellow Dot and on the notice board at the club. All members welcome.

Here are our recent champions:


  Open A B C D
Men Josh Larkin John Lenarduzzi Peter Hurley Martin Grace Michael Howard
Women Clare Maunder   Hannah Fritzlaff Pam Price Ronya Hill-Wright
  Div 1 Div 2 Div 3
Mixed Doubles Tammy Weekes & Paul Cartwright


  Open A B C D
Men Pyry Poikolainen Peter Trevitt Alexander Howard Darryl Seto Adam Mullavey
Women Di Hill   Helen Fantich Julie Polson Amy Czoban
  Div 1 Div 2
Mixed Doubles Tammy Weekes & Paul Cartwright Robyn Armstrong & Anthony Burgess