Social Doubles - Saturday - 2 December 2017


Social Doubles - 7 October, 4 November and 2 December 2017

Many of you will have participated in the “Lightning Doubles” which we run 2-3 times a year. These are held on the weekend and for a modest cost you get to play 3-4 matches of organised, timed doubles.  The DSC committee has decided to make Doubles games a regular fixture. As such, starting next month we will run a “lightning doubles” event once a month, on the first Saturday of each month. This means that the first three will be 7 October, 4 November and 2 December. We will have a break in January with a view to kicking it off again in February.  If you are interested in participating (as opposed to committing) is to give us your email address and we will place you on the doubles mailing list. A week or so before each monthly event, we will send you an invite and you can tell us if you wish to play in that month’s event. If you are busy that month, that is fine, we will contact you again the following month.

 This is, of course, subject to participation. If we get no interest, then obviously we will not go ahead. The detail (at this stage) is:

Dates                    1st Saturday of every month (except January)

  • Time                      11am – 2pm or 12 noon – 2 pm, depending on response.
  • Format                 Timed matches, 5 minute warmup, 25 minute match, point a rally
  • No of matches  3-4, depending on participation
  • Cost                       $15 per player
  • Teams                   Mixed or same sex, if you are single we will find you a partner

 To be on the doubles mailing list, please email to Julie Polson ( or phoning/sending her a text at (0412 455854). Even if you will not be able to make every month, get on the mailing list so we can remind you!!!!

 Do not email or ring DICK as you will not make it onto the list.


Event date: 
Thursday, 2 February 2017 - 11:00am