2012 Autumn Pennant

Pennant will begin Tuesday the 21st February, through to mid June

The Dickson Squash Club is now accepting Registration’s for next year’s autumn pennant.

Club/teams to be submitted to the association for ratification by the 2nd January 2012

Today is the 15th December this allows us a very small window of opportunity to receive all your nominations and then compile the teams for submission to the association.

Registration forms are “still” not available from the association.

I haven’t been advised of any increase to the registration fees for next pennant, so at time of email cost is as last pennant $110.00

New members $10.00, average court hire cost at all venues, approximately $8 per player

Please reply by email, indicating your intentions of playing in the forthcoming autumn comp.

If you have any preferences (not more than one, none would be preferable) you can also relay this information to me by reply.

Your reply will be used as the official registration for next pennant.

I await you urgent response!!!!


Event date: 
Monday, 2 January 2012 - 6:30pm