September 2007

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2007 Club Championships

The 2007 Club Championships was a fantastic event – well organised, reasonably well attended and well competed.  A tribute to all involved.  Here are the champions:



Runner Up

Men’s Open

Josh Larkin

Paul Cartwright

Women’s Open

Clare Maunder

Di Hill

Men’s A

John Lenarduzzi

Shaun Douglas

Women’s A/B

Hannah Fritzlaff

Cath Williams

Men’s B

Peter Hurley

Matt Downey

Women’s C

Pam Price

Claudia Krebs

Men’s C

Martin Grace

Carlos Piscioneri

Women’s D

Ronja Hill

Jennifer Dunstone

Men’s D

Michael Howard

Sheldon de Keyzer

Doubles 1

Tammy Weekes and Paul Cartwright

Doubles 2

Jan Noonan and Ted Kaminski

Doubles 3

Sue Cameron and Michael Mettam


Club Championships Dinner

A fantastic night was had by all who attended this year’s dinner – and there was food and cheer for a whole lot more!


Marcus Smith presented the President’s Trophy on behalf of Julie Polson, who was interstate.  This award goes to the person making an outstanding contribution to the running of the club.  For his efforts with supporting junior coaching, as well as being a humble ambassador for the club in Premier Division, Tristan Wells was a worthy winner.

Congratulations too, to Tristan and Rosa, on the arrival of baby Genevieve on 26 June.  She popped out at a healthy 3.3kg, with labour taking a paltry 1.5 hours!  While not yet showing an interest in squash, our spies indicate that she looks more like mum than dad (Ed: thank goodness for that!) and she’s now weighing in at 6kg.

In delivering the annual Bodyline Sports Award for the club’s most improved player, as defined by matrix raking, Dick O’Rourke again tantalised us with the list of special mentions.  They were: Sam BowmanSamuel LockJoseph HowardAlexander HowardPaul ButlerJames RaineyJohn Duncan and Michael Howard.  However, the lucky winner was Adam Mullavey.  Congratulations Adam!


AGM/New Committee

Prior to the Club Championships dinner, our Annual General Meeting was held.  The following were elected as the 2007-08 Committee:

President:            Len Early

Vice President:   Marcus Smith

Secretary:            Anthony Burgess

Treasurer:           Richard O’Rourke

General Members:

                               Martin Grace           Sam Bowman

                               Claudia Krebs         Doug Lean

                               Paul Cartwright       Karina Sommers         Matt Downey

A special welcome to Len, Matt, Sam and Claudia as new Committee members.



Our Junior players have also recently put themselves through their annual Club Championships.  The results were:



Runner up


Shaun Douglas

Scott Reid


Logan Fleming

Joseph Howard


Maniqa Khumar

Matthew Hall


Mitchell Hall

Leanna Davey


Bethany Lindner

Hayden Fritzlaff


Zac Blakemore

Alexander Lock


Hannah Howard

Mattie Mckenna

The Bodyline Sports Award for the most improved Junior player was shared by Hannah Fritzlaff and Michael Howard, who both had matrix improvement of 19.36 points.  Congratulations Hannah and Michael!

The Club Room

On 2 June, we celebrated the opening of our Club Room with a lightning doubles tournament, dinner and music courtesy of Kingsley Bruce and His Band.

Winning wasn’t everything, as demonstrated by some of the hysterical behaviour and “extra”-ordinary shots!  However, congratulations are due to Sam Bowman and Matt Downey, who won their event despite having never played doubles before.

Great fun was had by all with a merry bunch dancing, playing keyboards, eating and drinking into the night.  With a bit of luck, our new Committee may try and make this a regular event.

Looking forwards, keep an eye out for our new honour boards, which will replace our existing boards.  They’ll be spectacular!


2007 Autumn Pennant Results

The last pennant was enormously successful for the club, with 13 of our 41 teams playing in a grand final, and 8 of these winning.  Congratulations to all.  The winning teams were:




Adam Yates, Matthew Wootton, Jay Thompson, Brooke Ellis (res in GF)


David Milne, Karen Horsfall (res in GF), James Rainey, Arvid Pluschke


Adam Mullavey, Paul Williams, Carlos Piscioneri


Mat Koen, David Sloan, Shane Senini


Mark Ciesniewski, Jackie Oliver, Christopher Mettam


Keith Edwards, Peter Hurley, Steve Barnes


Robert Pott, Zoltan Lukacs, Kay Giffin


Mike Lavis, Craig Farrell, John Howard, Roger Powell (res in GF), Garry Robinson


Centre Based Competitions

You may have heard that Squash ACT recently considered introducing a ‘Centre Based’ Pennant Competition and perhaps you were wondering what this really means.

‘Centre based’ competitions differ from ‘home and away’ in that all teams in a particular division play together at the same centre each week, and then rotate to another centre the following and subsequent weeks.  The centres ‘visited’ would be based on the number of teams from each centre in that division.

For example, a six team division made up of two Dickson and Woden teams, and one each from Lyneham and Erindale would play their 15 regular games as follows: five times each at Dickson and Woden, and two or three times each at Lyneham and Erindale.

This format was being considered to address a number of issues that arose from, among other things, the closure of the Queanbeyan courts and the transfer of players from Queanbeyan to other clubs.  Moving to a centre based format also allows for a more effective use of available courts and centres.

In the case of the Spring Pennant though, the combinations of teams submitted and courts available made any change unnecessary, and are not currently being considered by Squash ACT.

Some of you may have responded to a recent survey asking your preferred option if any changes needed to be made: reverting to four person teams, or adopting a Centre Based competition as outlined above.  With a massive 64% response rate from over 360 surveyed players, the results were as follows:

Revert to 4 person teams  50            21%

Centre Based comp.       110            47%

Either of the above           75            32%

Any move to a centre based competition will be Squash ACT have advised that ehre

Sunday Club Practice

We are thrilled at the ongoing popularity of Sunday Club Practice.  Occasionally, during peak periods, the strong attendances mean that some people get a session or two to sit out and catch their breath.  We appreciate your understanding of the need for this.  However, we also understand that some people may find this frustrating.  The best way to address it is by starting earlier or later.


Did you know…?

Here are some interesting facts about

v  It started in Canberra in Spring 2001.

v  It is now used in pennant competitions through most of Australia’s major cities in almost all states and territories.

v  Since squashmatrix inception, the following Dickson players have all played more than 200 matches:

Shaun Douglas          317      Matthew Driver     219

Anthony Burgess      217      Daniel Power          210

Minh Pham                206      Frank Cortes          205

John Duncan             205      Troy Douglas         203

Alexander Howard   201

v  Pennant matches that result in a player retiring will now count toward both players’ ratings.  Some examples:

  • John twists his ankle in the fifth game and can not continue.  His rating will drop with the result being 2-3.
  • Next week John is hit in the face by a wild swinging opponent in the first game and he cannot continue.  The refer awards the match to John due to dangerous play.  John now awarded a positive rating adjustment with the result being 3-0.


Fawad Khan

Many of us have fond memories of Fawad Khan, who played with us in 2006 while studying here.  The Club recently sent him a plaque in appreciation of his contribution.  In response, he sent us the following email:

It was a real delight to receive the plaque. I am really grateful to you, the Dickson club and the member players. It speaks high of the courteousness and values of Australian people. Kindly extend my thanks to everyone around in the Dickson club.


Fawad Khan

Coach’s Corner

In an earlier Yellow Dot newsletter (check the history at, SuperCoach Mick Morell gave us a psychology lesson.  As the current pennant turns the corner towards the finals, it’s a useful reminder.


The toughest thing is to remember what you need to do to win.  Conditioning, stroke execution, and shot placement are the mainstays of the game but to win consistently, you need to compete better than your opponent. The three suggestions below will enable you to keep focused:

(1) Concentrate on winning the first point of each match and accelerate from there - show up early before each match and warm up, stretch, and work out your “Game Plan” before starting.  Going in cold will put you behind a game or two, give your opponent the confidence he/she needs, and leave you wondering why “today just doesn't seem to be your day.”  Against an evenly matched player, you can’t afford to give up even just the first few points while you are trying to get into the match.

(2) Once you’ve got the lead in any game, don’t even think of relaxing or letting up, not even for one point.  The momentum in the game of squash can switch so easily that you can’t afford to give it up. Maintain your concentration, chase down every ball, and let your opponent know that you’re not planning on giving any opportunities to get back in the match.

(3) Once you’re up in games, start the next game with the intent to close out the match. Win the first point, play each subsequent point as if it were your last, and walk away a 3-0 winner. You’ll be amazed at how much your mind and body will appreciate it!


Winning is a habit. Start this habit now.