September 2008



Closure of Courts 3 & 4


The Canberra Tradesmen's Union Club, as owners of the squash courts building, recently announced its decision to close courts 3 and 4 to allow the gym to be expanded.

Work has since commenced on the expansion.

Immediately following the announcement, members of the Dickson Squash Club committee, along with Gary Hampson, President of Squash ACT, met to discuss the issues arising, including:


whether anything could be done to prevent the closure of the two courts (we quickly decided that to attempt to do so would be a waste of time and possibly counterproductive);


managing the disruption to pennant, masters and women’s competitions;


improving the quality of remaining courts;


seeking assurance about the future of the remaining courts.

As such, we are seeking to discuss these issues with the Tradies as a matter of priority.

We will keep members updated as further information becomes available.




Other News

Watch out for the next, more exciting, Yellow Dot.  It’ll be out soon, and provide updates from our recent Club Championships, junior successes and other news.



Dickson Squash Club Committee

At the AGM on 2 August 2008, the following Committee was elected:

President:         Len Early

Vice President: Stephen Barnett

Secretary:         Mark Ciesniewski

Treasurer:        Dick O'Rourke

General Members:

                    Sam Bowman        Paul Cartwright

                    Matt Downey        Anthony Burgess

                    Doug Lean            Karina Sommers

                    Edwina Mulhearn  Julie Polson

Contact details are on the Matrix.