May 2010

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2010 is well underway: Autumn pennant is drawing to a close, our Juniors are shining, and our Club Championships are looming…

7:00 start problems?

Many members have been frustrated when opposing teams have not caught on to the new 7:00 start times at Northside. Whilst I’m sure most have been good natured about it, patience is surely wearing thin.

So what can you do about it?

Firstly, prevention is better than cure. We would strongly urge all team captains playing at Dickson to spend two minutes on an email or phone call to their opposing captain, reminding them that the games at Dickson start at 7:00. This two minute investment can save a great deal of frustration on the night.

If this hasn’t worked, you can claim a ‘walkover’! How? Well… paragraph 36 of the competition’s bylaws state that warm-up for matches should start within 10 minutes of the start time (ie by 7:10) or within 10 minutes of the previous match finishing. Paragraph 37 then says “If the warm-up is not commenced in this time, the team that did not have its appropriate player ready to warm-up shall lose that match by Walkover’.

For more details, refer to Commencement of Play at

Club Championships

Our eagerly awaited annual Club Championships are looming. The doubles will be held on 24 July and singles on 30-31 July.

Our presentation dinner will be held at the Tradies after the final match on 31 July.

All events are graded, and there will be fantastic prizes across for all levels.

To make sure you join in the fun, sweat and beers, put the dates in your diary.

The entry form will be out soon: keep an eye out for it.

Club Practice

Attendance at Sunday club practice continues to be very strong, so strong that some members have reported frustration when they don't get to spend enough time on the court. Here’s a graph depicting typical player numbers over the last 12 months:

Clearly, the hump is a problem, as are the early and late gaps.

Our advice is therefore to avoid the peak time, and to arrive earlier or later.

For the longer term, the Committee is considering a number of options to alleviate the situation and will report to members on this matter soon. If any members have practical ideas, please contact anyone on the Committee (listed over the page).


Our Junior members continue to provide our club with a very bright future. Here are just a few who have impressed recently:

·        Matthew Hall – there is a very obvious visible improvement in his playing style, reflecting in excellent results. He has won 14 of his last 15 matches!

·        Carlin Amat has also shown dramatic improvement, winning 9 of his last 10 matches (including some reserving in senior pennant!)

·        Leanna Davey is also performing exceptionally well, having won 14 of her last 15 matches too (most in senior pennant!). Leanna was also very successful representing the ACT in the recent National Junior Series in Adelaide. She made the final of her age group, losing to the Queensland and Australian no 1 ranked seed Jess Turnbull (incidentally Jesse’s older sister Kirsten plays for us here at Dickson in the senior pennant). Leanna also came fourth in another challenge tournament in Adelaide losing her final match narrowly in a five setter.

The Junior Club Championship will be on again this year, on Friday the 2nd July. It will be great to see all Junior members participating. Presentation of awards for the Club Championship winners will take place at training on the 6th of August.

Once again, we need to give our undying gratitude to the regular coaches who support our Juniors: Pete Trevitt, Trever Fritzlaff, Pat Siciliano, Jason Chen, James Aspland, Hannah Fritzlaff, Finian Kennedy and John Gojmerac.

Lightning Doubles

Unfortunately our lightning doubles competition had to be cancelled due to a lack of entries. This is disappointing as it was enormously popular in its first two years. We’ll try again later this year.

Court Repairs

In a couple of places, our recent court repairs are not up to scratch. The club is taking this up with the relevant people, and we hope to see further repair work soon.

Club Recognition

Did you know that the Club can recognise exceptional service via the annual President’s Award, or through Life Membership. Do you know someone that you’d like to nominate for either award? If so, please contact anyone on the Committee.

Annual General Meeting

The club’s annual general meeting will be held at 7:30pm on 31 July at the Dickson Tradesman’s Union Club (The Tradies). All committee positions will be up for election. If you wish to nominate yourself or anyone else for any position, please contact the Secretary, Edwina Mulhearn, for the nomination form.

Dickson Squash Club Committee

The 2009-2010 Committee is:

President: Len Early

Vice President: Stephen Barnett

Secretary: Edwina Mulhearn

Treasurer: Dick O'Rourke

General Members:

Sam Bowman Paul Cartwright

Anthony Burgess Doug Lean

Julie Polson Mark Ciesniewski

Contact details are on the Matrix.