February 2010

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Welcome to another squash year, jam-packed full of thrills and spills J

Comp to start earlier at Northside

Competition squash will start half an hour earlier (at 7.00 pm) at Northside Fitness Centre for the first competition in 2010. This is to address concerns from members about late finishes, and will be reviewed at the end of the competition.

New Clubroom

Observant members will have seen our bar fridge outside court 5 and will have noticed a Dickson Squash Club logo on a door in the corridor to the glass-back courts. This is our new and temporary clubroom for 2010.

Just before Christmas, the Tradies wrote to us saying that they would have to reclaim our clubroom for a site office for the club refurbishment due to be undertaken in 2010. They said that, unfortunately, they had no alternative arrangement, offered us $2,000 in compensation and fitted out the room downstairs for us as a temporary alternative. They have also indicated that they are prepared to consider other ways that they can support the Squash Club during the year.

Lightening Doubles

This will be the third year for our enormously popular lightening doubles competition. Watch out for the email seeking entries…

·        Saturday 17 April 11am until 5pm

·        $30 per person

·        1 entry per person

·        3 divisions with 15 teams in total

·        Guaranteed 4 matches

·        50 min timed matches, of 2 x 25 min halves

·        Fruit and gourmet sandwiches will be provided

2010 Club Calendar

As we finish off the first decade of the 21st century, it is time to pull out your calendar and mark down some important squash dates for 2010:

1 March – First week of the 2010 Autumn pennant commences.

17 April – Lightening Doubles competition.

End July/early August – Club championships, AGM and club dinner.

Early August – Spring pennant commences.

Early December – Club Christmas party

Mid December – Dusk till Dawn.

The above dates represent the major events scheduled for 2010. In addition to this the club will continue to run its weekly club practice sessions and attempt to run a number of social events. It is hoped that this year we will be able to organise a ski trip and wine tasting trip at our local vineyards. It is also likely that we will organise a second lightening doubles competition throughout the year should demand justify it.

If you wish to suggest or help organise any possible social or squash events, contact Stephen Barnett at Stephen@blapl.com.au.

Survey of four-person teams

The Dickson Squash Club Committee undertook a survey of its Division 15 and 16 members who played in four-person teams in the last Squash Competition. These players overwhelmingly endorsed four-person teams.

More than 90 per cent enjoyed playing in a four-person team and would be prepared to play in a four-person team again in 2010, predominantly because they saw four-person teams as more sociable. The only reservation was the later finishes, with the majority favouring a 7.00 pm start to ameliorate this issue.

More four-person teams

At least partly in response to our views, Squash ACT has decided that Divisions 14 and below would be four-person teams for the second competition in 2010. This is great news. It will enable Dickson teams to play more of their home games at Northside Fitness Centre.


Our wonderful juniors continue to run strongly, and are surely envied by those from other clubs. They:

-        have a wonderful set of dedicated coaches that are helping develop their squash abilities.

-        are making increased use of a ball serving machine at training.

-        hold sessions to brush up on the rules.

-        have new club shirts on the way!!

Also, congratulations to Sam Lock, Harrison Barnett, Leanna Davey, Bethany Lindner and Adam Fleming-Wilkie, who took part in Div 1, 2, and 3 Grand Finals as part of composite teams.

Bye bye

We’ve recently said farewell to Matt Downey, who has left to work in Melbourne. Matt was a tireless club member: regular pennant and doubles supremo, and active committee member. Thanks Matt – especially for the memories of those whacky spin drops.

Court 1 refurbished

In a co-operative arrangement with the Tradies, the Squash Club has completed refurbishment of Court 1. This continues the process of keeping the courts in the best condition that we can.

2009 Spring Pennant

Once again, our Club did really well in the last pennant. Here are the teams that made the Grand Final and how they fared:






Josh Larkin, Haydn Bernau, John Lenarduzzi, Peter Trevitt



Zoltan Lukacs, Emily Russell, Robyn Watts, Anthony Burgess



Matthew Downey, John Duncan, Paul Johns



Robyn Watts, Toni Maxfield, Kym Palfreyman, Kay Giffin



Alick Anderson, Minh Pham, Helen Fantich



Ian Kikdea, Adam Mullavey, Justin Kerslake



Helen Potter, Ian Parnell, Mike Ryan



Mark Harrison, Sue Whigham, Bruce Morgan, Mark Pollard



Simon Greatz, Christine Pobke, Madeleine Barnett, Jess Armstrong



Anthony Eldridge, Jess Whigham, Helen Oakey, Brooke Yates

Dickson Squash Club Committee

The 2009-2010 Committee is:

President: Len Early

Vice President: Stephen Barnett

Secretary: Edwina Mulhearn

Treasurer: Dick O'Rourke

General Members:

Sam Bowman Paul Cartwright

Anthony Burgess Doug Lean

Julie Polson Mark Ciesniewski

Contact details are on the Matrix.