September 2011

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Did you know that Dickson Squash Club is the third largest squash club in Australia? The Dickson Club singles and doubles Championships held in August 2011, were an enormous success and the prizes were fantastic. If you didn’t get the opportunity to play this year, make sure you nominate next year. They are not to be missed.

Please read on to find out what else is happening in your Club.


Rules Night

Were you unsure whether that was a let or a stroke? Are you sick of taking flak from players when you’re refereeing? Do something about it: learn the rules and take no prisoners!!

The Club is running a rules training session soon. You’ll find out how to make the right call, and how to curb errant behaviour.

Look out for an email advising the exact date/time.


Annual General Meeting

The Club’s annual general meeting, held on 6 August, was advised that the Club remains financially strong and continues to have the best membership in Canberra.

Darryl Seto was awarded the President’s Trophy for being the member to make the most significant contribution to the Club’s operations. Darryl maintains our web-site. Check out his excellent work at

Harrison Barnett was awarded the Bodyline Sports award for the most improved player of the year. His Matrix rating had jumped a massive 39.72 points!!

Congratulations to Darryl and Harrison.

A new committee was also voted in. Welcome to Carly Bushel as a new General Member, and many thanks to Edwina Mulhearn for her tireless work as a General Member and Secretary over recent years.

2011 Club Championships

Congratulations to our 2011 Champions:

Open Men’s Jason Chen

A Women’s Claire Maunder

A Men’s John Duncan

B Women’s Annette White

B Men’s Ian Kildea

C Men’s Fletcher Hall

D Men’s Shannon Crocker

E Men’s Leland Barnett

Doubles 1 Jackie Oliver & Ian Kildea

Doubles 2 Helen Fantich & Martin McGuire

Results of singles matches will soon be on the Matrix.


2011 Autumn Pennant

Congratulations to all our teams who made the Grand Final! This is how they fared:






Craig Marriot, John Gojermac, Peter Hurley



Greg Rolls, Stuart Judd, Charles Flannery



Matthew Hall, Scott Reid, Gavin Howard



Owen Gould, Ian Kildea, Geoff Gleeson, Alex Polson



Glenn Alcock, Falvio Torres, Robert Hall, Adam Fleming-Wilkie



Alex Polson, Shaun Baker, Logan Fleming



Drew Treasure, Michael Robsinson, Iain Hamilton



Len Early, Michael Noonan, Tariq Awan



Chris Hatherly, Harrison Barnett, Darryl Seto, Ralf Steinhauser



Todd Griffiths, Jeremy Czoban, Shannon Crocker, Bruce Morgan



Kevin Ford, Helen Potter, James Boyle, Michelle Robinson



Nick Godden, James Steen, Albert Motbey, Matthew Hole



Fletcher Hall, Troy Davey, Kate Whitford, Shane Husson



Leland Barnett, Sue Whigham, David Turner, Jess Whigham

Who’s the kitchen fairy?


Too often our kitchen is left in a poor state, with dirty plates/cutlery being left out, food splatters in the microwave and rubbish on the benches.

Show respect for what we have: tidy up after yourself, and nag others who don’t do the same.

It’s not fair to leave it for the kitchen fairies to deal with.



A number of Dickson juniors played for the ACT in the annual Green Shield event, recently held in Newcastle. The ACT came a credible 3rd.

The Dickson players, who we are all very proud of, were:

·        Alexander Lock

·        Fletcher Hall

·        Erin Lindner

·        Bec Potter

·        Leland Barnett

·        Riley Ellis

·        Kayla Ellis

Congratulations to all of them for recording good wins.


Lightening Doubles

Keep the morning of Saturday 22 October free... the Club will be running a Lightening Doubles tournament.

Keep an eye out for the entry form.


Getting a Reserve

Finding a reserve is easy. It’s usually a matter of identifying someone with a lower Matrix than you. Click on Find-A-Reserve from your Matrix page and it will provide the list of eligible players.

However, sometimes arrangements are made in advance: Matrix scores change and previously eligible players are potentially ineligible.

The Squash ACT By-Laws anticipate these situations, and state:

Reserves can be pre-arranged, but the time of the arrangement must be no more than 21 days prior to the match. For a pre-arranged match, any changes to the reserve player’s rating are irrelevant. If more than 21 days is needed then the arrangement must be prior approved by the Committee or its delegate.

To seek the prior approval mentioned above send the request to

Special arrangements are also in place for the bottom 3 divisions. For more detail on eligible reserves, refer to the By-Laws linked from


2011 Dusk ‘til Dawn

Coming up to its 4th year, Dusk ’til Dawn is a Dickson Squash Club mid-December institution.

This insane tournament has four person teams playing timed singles matches (of 20 minutes each), with point-a-rally-scoring. Matches start Friday night, and run through to Saturday morning.

At the end of the night, the top two teams play off in a final. All four final-matches are played simultaneously, so players have no idea how their team is progressing.

Sound like your idea of fun? Watch out for the entry form...

What’s in the water around here?

July saw a massive deluge of new squash players joining the world. Our congratulations to:

Rosa & Tristan Wells with baby Isaac

Sara & John Lenarduzzi with baby Charlie

Toni Maxfield and Mario with baby Zak

Michelle Steele (nee Morell) and David with baby Huck


Who Da Winning 3-Person Team?

There has been occasional confusion and dissatisfaction when determining the winning team with 3-person teams.

The Squash ACT By-Laws state the winning team is the one with the most games. If games are equal, it’s the team with the most matches.

This exists to offer an opportunity for a team who has lost the first two matches 2-3 and 2-3 to stage a comeback by winning the third match 3-0, giving aggregate games by 7-6. Clear as mud? Just remember that every game counts – that’s the competition!

Of course, this is different to 4-person teams, where the winning team is the one who has won the most matches. If they are 2 matches each, then it’s the winner of the most games, then it’s the team with the most points.

Dickson Squash Club Committee

The 2011-2012 Committee is:

President: Len Early

Vice President: Stephen Barnett

Secretary: Pam Price

Treasurer: Dick O’Rourke

General Members:

Carly Bushel Paul Cartwright

Julie Polson Doug Lean

Anthony Burgess


Yellow Dot Editor

From next edition, Carly Bushel will take hold of the Yellow Dot Editor’s reigns. Please contact Carly on 0418 118 192 or at if you have new content or format ideas.