March 2011

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The Clubroom

As you will know by now, the Tradies has resumed the Dickson Squash Clubroom, and the space is being used by the gym. This is contrary to the advice that we were provided in December that our clubroom would be returned to us in January.

We are continuing to talk to the Tradies about an alternative venue for a clubroom within the Northside Fitness Centre. In particular, we have suggested that clearing out the space occupied by the decommissioned men’s and women’s toilets on the ground floor of the centre would provide an area near to the fridge and kitchen that could be suitable.

The Tradies are looking at the costs involved – to which we are prepared to contribute, if necessary.

We expect to hear back from the Tradies soon and will let you know the outcome.


Squash Etiquette

Dickson Squash Club prides itself on being a friendly and enjoyable club, whose members always behave well on and off the court.

Some suggestions to promote harmony off the court:

·        Be on time for matches. If you have difficulty arriving on time or having to leave early, ensure that you communicate this with your team-mates and the opposing captain.

·        Squash is a social game and supper afterwards is an important social aspect. If you are hosting supper, try to ensure that you do not end up with three bags of chips.

·        When not playing, support your team mates. Offer advice between games. Chances are that you will pick up something from your vantage point that the player may appreciate.

·        Applaud good shots – both of your team mates, and of your opposition.

On court, all Dickson Squash Club players should always show respect, fair play and self control:


·        Respect the referee/marker and refereeing decisions. Appeal or ask for explanations politely. Don’t argue, and never raise your voice. Accept decisions graciously.

·        Respect your opponent. Acknowledge his or her good shots. Pass the ball across if it is their serve. Always shake hands at the end of a match.

Fair play

       Play fairly. Don’t ask for ridiculous lets, or play on after shots that you know are out, down or not up. Don’t appeal against an opponent’s shot you know was good. Don’t take excessive time between games.

Self Control

·        Always talk quietly and politely. Never shout or use foul or abusive language.

·        Never throw or abuse your equipment.

·        Always stop and ask for a let if you think there may be a danger of hitting your opponent with a racket or ball.

Believe in, and practice, the golden rule:

Treat your opponents in the same way you’d like to be treated.

We wish you all an enjoyable and successful season.



2010 Dusk ‘til Dawn

In December, we ran our third annual Dusk ’til Dawn (DtD) competition.

DtD uses four person teams playing timed singles matches (of 20 minutes each), with point-a-rally-scoring. Six four-person teams competed, with play starting at 9.00 pm on Friday, and the final finishing at 7.00 am Saturday. All matches were played in a spirit becoming the significance of the event, with tired players doing very well in the early hours of Saturday morning.

At the end of the night, the top two teams played off in the final. All four final-matches were played simultaneously, so no player had any idea how their team was progressing.

This year’s final was the closest of all DtDs, with the result really coming down to the wire:

1.      Mark Ciesniewski defeated Jeremy Salter by four points

2.      Stephen Barnett lost to Anthony Burgess by one point

3.      Rob Hall tied with Scott Lilley

4.      Adam Bode tied with Harrison Barnett

With two tied matches and one win for each side, Team Ciesniewski triumphed by virtue of a 3 point differential. Given that these 3 points were the result of 80 minutes of squash, the result could hardly have been closer.

Congratulations to all who attended. We’re looking forward to a bigger and better tournament again this December.

And thanks again to Stephen Barnett who masterfully masterminded the event!

2010 Spring Pennant

Congratulations to all our teams who made the Grand Final! This is how they fared:







Josh Larkin, Jason Chen, Tristan Wells, John Lenarduzzi



Craig Marriott, Peter Hurley, John Gojmerac



Alex McLachlan, Clare Maunder, Owen Gould



Julie Medway, Minh Pham, Kirstin Turnbull



Sam Bowman, Eric Wainwright, Shaun Baker



Minh Pham, Len Early, Michael Noonan



Nick Sloane, Michael Howard, Joseph Howard



Michael Robinson, Terry Mulcahy, Phil Chia



Adam Fleming-Wilkie, Jeremy Czoban, Shannon Crocker



Todd Griffiths, Flavio Torres, James Steen, James Tandy



Nathan Etheridge, Maria Stathis, Matthew Wootton, Madeleine Barnett


Dickson Squash Club Committee

The 2010-2011 Committee is:

President: Len Early

Vice President: Stephen Barnett

Secretary: Edwina Mulhearn

Treasurer: Dick O'Rourke

General Members:

Pam Price Paul Cartwright

Anthony Burgess Doug Lean

Julie Polson

Contact details are on the Matrix.