January 2012

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Welcome to 2012!


2011 Spring Pennant

Congratulations to all our teams who made the Grand Final! This is how they fared:


Valley Vikings Alucom [14] beat Dickson 2 [8]


Valley Vikings 2 [13] beat Valley Vikings 1 [8]


Weston Creek [11] beat Dickson 2 [8]


Queanbeyan 1 [13] beat Dickson 2 [5]


Queanbeyan [13] beat Woden 2 [8]


Dickson 1 [11] beat Dickson 2 [5]


Woden 2 [12] beat Dickson [5]


Queanbeyan 2 [15] beat Dickson 1 [3]


Dickson 2 [11] beat Dickson 1 [5]


Dickson 3 [15] beat Dickson 2 [2]


Dickson 2 [13] beat Dickson 3 [5]


Dickson 1 [13] beat National [6]


Woden 1 [15] beat Dickson 3 [10]


Dickson 2 [20] beat National 1 [0]


Queanbeyan 4 [16] beat Queanbeyan 2 [5]


Dickson 2 [14] beat Woden [8]


Dickson Christmas Party

Were you a good boy or girl in 2011? The Dickson Christmas Party for 2011 again was a cracker of a night, held at The God’s Cafe at the ANU. Plenty of wine and fun was had and even Santa made an appearance to deliver some presents!


2012 Spring Pennant

Competition will start on 21st February and run through until June. Note that the grading meeting for teams is not until the 7th of February therefore teams will not be confirmed and available until after this date. Look out for further updates soon.


Dusk till Dawn

The all night “Dusk till Dawn” squash challenge

will be held on 17 February. Teams of 4 will

play squash throughout the night, with matches

starting at 9:00 pm and finishing with a good old

fashioned BBQ at 7:00 am the next morning. Registrations and queries can be directed to Stephen Barnett at Stephen@blapl.com.au


Another squashie is born!

Congratulations to Paul and Kirsten Cartwright on the birth of little Samantha!




Club practice

Organised club practice is held every Sunday between 2pm and 6pm. You are allocated a court and an opponent, which change every 20 minutes.

The cost is $8, $10 for non-members.


Saturday is an open practice day for all interested players, club members or not. Held between 2pm and 6pm, this is run on a first-come, first-served basis. The cost is $8 for everyone. Drinks will now be available from the bar too!


Bar Duty for 2012

Who’s responsible? WE ALL ARE!

In the lead up to pennant competition resuming for 2012, Dicky will be seeking the help of Dickson members to do bar duty. Please put your hand up and support your club and teams.


Attention Captains

If you are nominated as a captain for your team this pennant, please keep an eye out for the captain’s meeting coming up in February. It’s a short get together where you will be giving team lists, draws and balls.



Training commences on February 3rd, with pennant commencing around the 24th of February. Registration forms are to be with Dicky by 3rd of February to ensure teams are put forward and approved by the association. Don’t forget your eyewear!


The Matrix

Please ensure your matrix details are up to date for the new year, as well as your eligibility to reserve details!


Dickson Squash Club Committee

The 2011-2012 Committee is:

President: Len Early

Vice President: Stephen Barnett

Secretary: Pam Price

Treasurer: Dick O’Rourke

General Members:

Carly Bushel Paul Cartwright

Julie Polson Doug Lean

Anthony Burgess



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