May 2013

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We’re Canberra’s strongest club on and off the court – and this Yellow Dot edition reinforces both with a smorgasboard of squash and social news and events.


Club Championships

Our keenly contested Club Championships will be held again this year, with graded doubles and singles events. All events will feature a minimum of 3 matches.

Doubles will be held on Saturday 27 July.

Singles will be held Friday evening 2 August, and all day Saturday 3 August.

The infamous Club Championships dinner, and Annual General Meeting, will be held on Saturday 3 August.

The entry forms are out now. So the tournament organisers don’t have to chase you, please you’re your entry in ASAP.


5th Annual Dusk til Dawn

It’s on again, that night of pure pleasure and pain. Keep it free: Friday, 5 July.

What is this again? If you’ve been under a rock for the last 5 years, you won’t know that Dusk til Dawn is a series of team-based timed point-a-rally matches from (yep, you guessed it) Dusk until Dawn. Six or seven matches of pure pleasure and pain.

Get in early to avoid disappointment: contact Leanna Davey ( ASAP to place your entry.


Inaugural Snow Trip

Fancy having cramped toes and sore knees? Raccoon eyes? Concussion? Then our inaugural Snow Trip is for you.

We’re looking to get enough snow bunnies to do a charter to Thredbo or Perisher for a Sunday day-trip in July. Whether your specialty is the downhill, the half pipe or propping up the bar, there will be something for everyone. A package will be put together to encompass those who need equipment, lessons or neither/both. This trip will require at least 30 people to get off the ground. Hopefully there is enough interest out there to make this happen. If you are interested, contact Stephen at


Inaugural Mystery Dinner

On Friday 10 May we held our inaugural Mystery Dinner, which involved over 50 members and family enjoying entrée, main course, dessert and supper across 6 venues. It was a smashing success, enabling people to mix with and get to know other members.

The format involved diners receiving a text message at 6pm advising their first venue. After entrée, they were presented with envelopes advising their location for mains, and then further envelopes advising locations for dessert and supper (where everyone congregated) as the night progressed.

Diners contributed entrée, dessert or wine, and hosts provided the venues and main courses.

Judging by the number of people who had to either camp in, or be kicked out of, the Barnett’s house at 3am Saturday, there’ll be many more takers when we hold this again next year J

Thanks to Stella Loong for unfortunately providing the most talked about event: spilling soup through the back seat. Did you manage to clean it up, or did you have to dump the car? Thanks also to the Barnett’s (particularly Stephen) for making it all happen.


Update to Reserving Rules

The basic rule is that a reserve cannot strengthen a team. They must either:

  1. Have a rating the same or less than the player they are replacing


  1. Have a rating the same or less than the division floor rating (see below)

There is a 5 point margin for the bottom 2 divisions if a reserve can’t be found that meets the above criteria.

Also, all players MUST play in strict Matrix rating order regardless of any reserving arrangements. If a team is missing a player/s, all available players must play in the highest positions first, in rating order, forfeiting the lowest position/s if unable to field an eligible player/s in that position/s. That is, forfeiting should commence at the lowest position.

The floor rating for each division is:



Floor Rating


Floor Rating























Club Practice

Club Practice continues to be a runaway success every week. So much so that it’s starting to be a victim of that success: too many people are forced into multiple doubles matches, or sitting on the sidelines. This compromises the benefits that people are hoping to receive.

Stephen Barnett and Doug Lean are considering a range of options to remodel Club Practice to ensure that everyone gets a fair go, and receives the valuable practice that it sets out to provide. If you have improvement ideas, please contact Stephen ( or Doug (


Break A Leg (not!)

We all know that niggling injuries are part and parcel of playing our wonderful sport. But did you know that you’re covered by insurance in the event of serious injury at any club sanctioned event, including social competitions and club practice?

If you need to know more, contact Dick O’Rourke.


Something on your mind…?

Your Club committee exists to serve your interests, so we need you to tell is what your interest are!

Please contact anyone on the committee, at any time, if you have questions, suggestions or comments about the operations of the club.

The committee is:

President: Stephen Barnett

Vice President: Len Early

Secretary: Pam Price

Treasurer: Dick O’Rourke

General Members:

Leanna Davey Paul Cartwright

Julie Polson Doug Lean

Anthony Burgess Dominic Cooper