February 2013

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Welcome to 2013! Kommandant Barnett has great things in store for us in the year ahead.

NEW Club Room & Squashathon

Brendon Cara has done a fabulous job fitting out our overdue Club Room. It’s in the room above court 1.

To celebrate its opening, the Club had a combined 20/20 and lightening doubles tournament on Saturday 16 February.

The 20/20 tournament had two teams of 14 players each, playing point per rally, first to 20. It is a fast and furious format. The day came down to the last match where Scott Reid upset Ben Phillips to give “Dick’s Delinquents” an 8-6 win over the valiant “Barnett’s Bruisers”.

We then had a lightening doubles round where the victors were:

Men’s winners

Paul Cartwright and Ross Rendell

Men’s runners up

Peter Trevitt and Alex Lock

Mixed A winners

Pam Price and Mark Ciesniewski

Mixed A runners up

Harrison Barnett and Leanna Davey

Mixed B winners

Madeleine Barnett and Michael Howard

Mixed B runners up

Bruce Morgan and Stella Loong


New Competition 2013

Our lowest divisions are critical to our sport: they host new players, whether they be young or old; and they host players that have had better years. Some of these will become our champions of tomorrow, and others will rise to be lifetime players in higher grades. All of them just want to enjoy playing.

However, all too often, we see high levels of attrition that’s frequently attributed to the inflexibility associated with a formal pennant competition.

To address this attrition, and to endeavour to provide a more positive squash experience for these players, our Club emailed a proposal for an in-house competition. This was met with an overwhelming positive response.

Accordingly, Dickson has started to run a more social (whilst still competitive) competition for players from the previous Divisions 12 and 13. It is being played on Tuesday nights.

We look forward to seeing this exciting innovation develop.



The Club is looking for a coach (or coaches) to assist players in the new “in house comp” on Tuesday nights. This person (or persons) would run coaching for the in house players between 6 and 7 pm every Tuesday and would be paid $25 for the hour. If this interests you, please contact Stephen Barnett at Stephen@blapl.com.au.


“Dickson 300 Club” Award

Our club boasts an extraordinary number of people who have played for the Club for decades. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know how many matches these members have played.

However, since its inception, the SquashMatrix provides us with a mechanism to know how many matches people have played since 2001.

To recognise those members who have supported the Club for long periods, a new “Dickson 300 Club” award has been instituted. This will be presented annually to those members who join the ranks of those having played more than 300 SquashMatrix matches for the Club.

Congratulations to the inaugural winners of this award:

  • Alexander Howard
  • Greg Rolls
  • Darryl Seto
  • Clare Maunder
  • Doug Lean
  • Peter Trevitt
  • Sue Whigham
  • Mark Ciesniewski

These champions were presented with their awards at the Christmas Party. Look out or them in their embroidered Club shirt highlighting their achievement.


The ‘Wish We Had More Like You’ Awards

On the subject of Club awards, the Committee has also decided to institute another award: the “Wish We Had More Like You Award”. It will be presented twice a year to players who play every match for their team during the preceding pennant.

This award will commence from the Autumn 2013 pennant.


2012 Spring Pennant

Congratulations to all our teams who made the Grand Final! This is how they fared:






Howard Johns, Paul Smith, Dominic Cooper, John Lenarduzzi



Dominic Cooper, Ben Phillips, Stuart Judd, Richard Horlock



Ian Kildea, Graeme Deards, Michelle Steele, Brian Dunkley



Owen Gould, Steve Riddell, Scott Lilley, Sam Zappia



Scott Reid, Alexander Howard, Alexander Lock, Adam Fleming-Wilkie, Harrison Barnett



Harrison Barnett, Leland Barnett, Max Muller, Martin McGuire



Clare Maunder, Chris Boreham, Michael Robinson, Helen Fantich



Michael Howard, Daniel Royal, Nick Godden, Michael Kane



Nick Westerlink, Shannon Crocker, Jeremy Czoban, Katherine Schiffl



Iain Hamilton, Sarah McCormack, Nathan Etheridge, Danny Geus



Daniel Collings, Michael Hill, Petar Josifoski, Peter Campbell



Stella Loong, Paul Williams, Paul Rossouw, Thamba Pathmanathan



Brad Penfold, Jodie Barnett, Sharon Palmer, Rhonda Warne, Karen Budnick


Did you know?

Last year, Squash Australia advised that we were the 3rd biggest club in Australia. HOW WE’RE 2nd!!!!

Apparently we’re about 20 players behind Eastside Squash Club in Tasmania. If anyone is heading down there soon, you could try poisoning their waterhole[1] so that we leap to 1st.


Dusk til Dawn

Yep, it’ll be on again, about mid-year.

For those who’ve been asleep for the last 5 years, Dusk til Dawn is a series of team-based timed point-a-rally matches from (yep, you guessed it) Dusk until Dawn. Six or seven matches of pure pleasure and pain. Watch out for the entry emails.


Rules and Refereeing

Not many people enjoy refereeing, but we all know that we have to do it. And we should all know that everyone does the job to the best of their ability. But it never hurts to learn a bit more about the rules, and get better at doing the job.

How can I get better at refereeing?

1.      Attend one of the rules nights that will be held in over the next couple of months.

2.      Ask for a copy of the Rules DVD from Stephen Barnett (get his phone number or email address from the Matrix).

3.      Understand that there are lots of nuances and specific rules, but most let decisions can be boiled down to a few simple questions. So here is the “simple” version of deciding let calls

  1. Would the player calling the let have got to the ball?

If not, simple, no let. The rest doesn’t matter.

If yes, then move to the next question.

If you’re not sure, then it is a let, so long as there was some interference.

  1. Was there interference?

If no, then no let.

If yes, then move to the next question.

  1. Was the other player within the stroke of the player completing preventing a shot.

If yes, stroke.

If not, then go to next question.

  1. Was the other player making every effort to get out of the way?

If yes, then let.

If not, then stroke.

4.      Finally (maybe this ought to be the first point!!), you also need to understand WHY we have rules. Here we go:

¨ý To give us a reason to argue with the referee. NO

þ¨ To ensure the safety of the players. YES

¨ý To provide a basis to hit the wall with your racket. NO

þ¨ To ensure the right result in each rally. YES

¨ý To enable you to blame someone if you lose. NO

þ¨ To eliminate any actions likely to bring the game into disrepute. YES



As with refereering, we all want to be a better player. But how? There are a million ways to do this. Here are a just a few points found via a quick Google search:

·         Find time to practice as well as play

·         Take some lessons so you practice effectively

·         Arrange matches with some players who are better than you

·         Get fit to play

·         Play and practice regularly, not sporadically

·         Participate in local tournaments

·         Keep learning and set goals for improvement

·         Learn the mental game, strategy and tactics

·         Persevere and have fun!

Spend a few minutes googling for yourself. Check out some of the fabulous video links. There’s stacks out there, just waiting for you!!


Player Profiles

– Clare Maunder

As one of inaugural the members of the “Dickson 300 Club”, it’s time to shine a light on the career of Clare Maunder! Take it away Clare…

How long have you been playing squash? I began playing Squash in 1977.

Where did you play before Dickson? Before joining Dickson in August 1982, I played for the Wests Club based at the former Wests Rugby Club at Jamison - now the Southern Cross Club.

What’s your greatest squash moment? No one moment - still being able to play Squash today - and win matches and Masters Comps.

What’s the worst squash moment? Losing matches I know I should win.

Do you have any squash superstitions? Not superstitions, but I prefer to not play first.

Tell us about your worst injury… A very painful left quad tear many years ago - I can't remember when.

Who is your toughest opponent? People who don't play orthodox squash.

What’s your squash Claim to Fame? Probably being able to play continuously for so long - I have not missed a Comp since beginning - and playing at what I feel is a fairly consistent level during that time.

Where are your favourite and worst courts? My favourite courts are Dickson of course. The worst courts would be National and Erindale.

How do you fill in time between matches? Enjoying Retirement - going to the Gym, reading, gardening, walking and regularly catching up with family and friends.

– David Pradela

David Pradela won the 2012 Bodyline Sports Player of the Year with an astronomical jump in his matrix. With these cunningly crafted questions, we uncover his secrets…

How long have you been playing squash? 18 months

Where did you play before Dickson? I hadn't played anywhere before Dickson.

What’s your greatest squash moment? Taking out the Div 16 championship!

What’s the worst squash moment? Hitting my kneecap with the end of my racket handle while playing an aggressive shot (not much to write home about I know, squash has been pretty good to me so far)

Do you have any squash superstitions? No

Tell us about your worst injury…Chronic sacroiliitis when I was 16 years old which put me out of representative basketball for 9 months.

Who is your toughest opponent? Clinton Pobke

What’s your squash Claim to Fame? Being a Div 16 champion.

Where are your favourite and worst courts? Dickson are my favourite of course. ANU are my least favourite, although the holes in the wall make things interesting.

How do you fill in time between matches? TV shows, reading, working, sleeping, AFL 9's.


Something on your mind…?

Your Club committee exists to serve your interests, so we need you to tell is what your interest are!

Please contact anyone on the committee, at any time, if you have questions, suggestions or comments about the operations of the club.

The committee is:

President: Stephen Barnett

Vice President: Len Early

Secretary: Pam Price

Treasurer: Dick O’Rourke

General Members:

Leanna Davey Paul Cartwright

Julie Polson Doug Lean

Anthony Burgess Dominic Cooper


[1] Of course, your Club does not condone this senseless act. Use your initiative though, and make sure it can’t be traced back to us.