May 2014

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Another pennant season is well underway. Our Club Championships and a mystery dinner loom. We’ve held Dusk Till Dawn and Lightning Doubles tournaments. And we’ve got a few reminders. Read on…

Club Championships

Once again, our Club Championships will be held between pennant seasons. Make sure you lock the dates away:

-         Doubles: Saturday 26 July

-         Singles: Friday/Saturday 1/2 August

-         Championships Dinner and Annual General Meeting Saturday 2 August

This event is always enjoyed by all, so keep an eye out for the entry form and get it in ASAP.


Mystery Dinner

Following the rave reviews from last year’s inaugural Mystery Dinner, we’re holding it again this year on Friday 13 June. The format of the night is:

  • kick off at 7pm with entrees at a secret venue.
  • At the end of entrée, you will be given an envelope with details of the address for your main course. This will be with an entirely different group of diners.
  • At the end of main course, you will be given an envelope with details of the address for your dessert. Again, this will be with an entirely different set of diners.
  • At the end of dessert, all diners will converge on a mystery venue for supper and end-of-evening drinks.

This is a great opportunity to meet your fellow club members in a relaxed, social environment. Premier and Div 13 players will all be mixed over the dinner table for a night of fine dining, good wines and the odd tall story about the squash match that got away.

You will need to bring your appetite, a better half (if available), a means to negotiate your way between the venues and a willingness to enjoy the company of your fellow club members.

And it’s FREE!!!

RSVP to by 23 May 2014.



The Australian Junior Squash Rankings were released on 6 May 2014. There are 9 ACT juniors listed. It’s a fabulous for all that made the list, but of course, we’re just a bit more chuffed with Rebecca and Emily Potter from Dickson J

The fuill ACT list is:

U19 #4 Aiden Parkes - Vikings

U17 #9 Alexander Lock - SCSC

#12 Rebecca Potter - Dickson

#13 Kathleen Palmer - Vikings

U15 #3 Peter Nuttall - SCSC

#9 Hannah Smit - Vikings

#11 Erin Chant - Vikings

U13 #9 Emily Potter - Dickson

#14 Declan-Ray Smith – Grammar



We all play squash because we enjoy it: the fitness, the competition, the friendships.

From time to time, we’re going to be in situations we don’t enjoy: where we don’t agree with a referee’s decision; or have a player disagree with a decision we’ve made as the referee. This can sometimes result in offensive, disruptive or intimidating behaviour.

This is simply unacceptable. How should we respond in these situations?

As a player, just accept the referee’s decision, and play on. There’s nothing to gain by getting angry or aggressive. If you’re disappointed by the general standard of refereeing, ask yourself: What am I doing to improve it? Have I registered to become a qualified referee? Have I offered to join the committee to drive other refereeing improvements? If you can’t answer ‘yes’ to questions like this, you’re simply not entitled to carry on.

As a referee, stay strong and remember that you can and should apply the penalties allowed under “Rule 15 – Conduct”. Rule 15 has been copied in its entirety at the end of this Yellow Dot edition, along ith a link on how to apply the rule. Please take the time to read it.

As a team-mate of a player who behaves inappropriately, call them out on it. Let them know that it’s unacceptable.

If you or a team-mate are subject to unreasonable treatment, especially abuse, you should report it to our club President. If the offending player is a member of our club, be assured that they will be subject to sanctions. These can range from a verbal warning up to removal of membership. If the offending player is from another club, you can be assured it will be raised with the President of the other club (or with Squash ACT for repeat offenders).



Our bar plays a significant part in the financial success of the Club. Running the bar comes with Liquor Licencing obligations. One of these is that the venue cannot have alcohol on site that has been purchased elsewhere. Please play your part in ensuring our compliance by not bringing external alcohol.


Dusk Till Dawn

On Friday night 21st February, a brave band of 32 players assembled at 9pm to start the DSC's sixth annual Dusk till Dawn competition. The event received a leg up this year, with the new organizing committee of Madeleine Barnett and Leanna Davey. Their youthful exuberance and feminine charm managed to persuade eight teams of four players to give up their Friday night sleep, playing through to the light of day on the 22nd.

This field of 32 is a huge improvement on the 18 players that participated in the 2013 competition. Madeleine and Leanna deserve praise for their hard work in breathing fresh life into the event.

As always, there were many tall tales from the night, but in the end winners are grinners. The 2014 DtD champions are:

Ben Ryan

Harrison Barnett

Leanna Davey

Riley Peebles

All four winners will be showing off their DtD monogrammed champion towel – look out for them!


Lightning Doubles

Another short-sharp Lightning Doubles tournament was held on Saturday 10 May. This exciting format sees 5 or 6 teams face off in a round robin of timed matches, played over 3 hours.

The winners were:

Mens: Jason Chen and Mark Ciesniewski

Mixed B: Harrison Barnett and Leanna Davey

Mixed C: Stephen and Jodie Barnett.

To ensure equal opportunity to win, the Committee will consider banning the Barnett family from future events.


Spring 2013 Pennant Winners

The Spring 2013 Pennant seems so long ago, but for the record, it’s still worth recognising many of our teams did exceptionally well. Here are our winners and finalists:






Howie Johns

Finian Kennedy

Dominic Ransan-Cooper

Graham Mackay

Div 2


Ian Kildea

Ben Phillips

Owen Gould

Jackie Oliver

Div 3


Mark Ciesniewski

Owen Gould

Simon Aungle

Ross Rendell

Div 3


Michelle Steele

Greg Rolls

Jackie Oliver

Toni Maxfield

Div 4


Paul Johns

Ben Ryan

Brian Dunkley

Stephen Barnett

Kirsten Turnbull

Harrison Barnett

Div 5


Brian Dunkley

Joseph Howard

Alex Polson

Gavin Howard

Div 5


Alex Beinke

Anthony Burgess

Harrison Barnett

Leland Barnett

Peter Baussmann

Michael Howard

Div 7


Drew Treasure *

Daniel Royal

Nathan Etheridge

Leanna Davey

Div 7


Claire Maunder

Nick Godden

Sarah Penn

Michael Robinson

Div 8


Leonard Duca

Daniel Collings

Paul Reynolds

Mike McFadden

Div 9


Helene Clements

Brendon Cara

Stella Loong

Mark Pollard

Div 11


Matt Clayton

Ameer Ali

David Jacobs

Matt Coman



A reminder that you can contact anyone on the committee, at any time, if you have questions, suggestions or comments about any aspect of the Club’s operations.

The committee is:

President: Stephen Barnett

Vice President: Len Early

Secretary: Pam Price

Treasurer: Dick O’Rourke

General Members:

Leanna Davey Paul Cartwright

Julie Polson Doug Lean

Anthony Burgess Madeleine Barnett

Dominic Ransan-Cooper

Hayden Ross


Rule 15 - Conduct

While the wording of Rule 15 (further below) is reasonably clear cut, the World Squash Federation has deemed it useful to provide guidelines on how rule ought to be applied. This is probably more useful reading than the rule itself, refer:

15.                              CONDUCT

15.1.             Players must comply with any tournament regulations additional to these Rules.

15.2.             Players may not place any object within the court.

15.3.             Players may not leave the court during a game without the permission of the Referee.

15.4.             Players may not request a change of any Official.

15.5.             Players must not behave in a manner that is unfair, dangerous, abusive, offensive, or in any way detrimental to the sport.

15.6.             If a player’s conduct is unacceptable, the Referee must penalise the player, stopping play if necessary.

15.7.             Unacceptable behaviour includes, but is not limited to:

15.7.1.             audible or visible obscenity;

15.7.2.             verbal, physical or any other form of abuse;

15.7.3.             unnecessary physical contact, which includes pushing off the opponent;

15.7.4.             dangerous play, including an excessive racket swing;

15.7.5.             dissent to an Official;

15.7.6.             abuse of equipment or court;

15.7.7.             unfair warm-up;

15.8.             delaying play, including being late back on court;

15.9.             deliberate distraction;

15.10.         receiving coaching during play.

15.11.         A player guilty of an offence may be given a Conduct Warning or penalised with a Conduct Stroke, a Conduct Game, or a Conduct Match, depending on the severity of the offence.

15.12.         The Referee may impose more than one warning, stroke or game to a player for a subsequent similar offence, providing any such penalty may not be less severe than the previous penalty for the same offence.

15.13.         A warning or a penalty may be imposed by the Referee at any time, including during the warm-up and following the conclusion of the match.

15.14.         If the Referee:

15.14.1.         stops play to issue a Conduct Warning, a let is allowed;

15.14.2.         stops play to award a Conduct Stroke, that Conduct Stroke becomes the result of the rally;

15.14.3.         awards a Conduct Stroke after a rally has finished, the result of the rally stands, and the Conduct Stroke is added to the score with no change of service-box;

15.14.4.         awards a Conduct Game, that game is the one in progress or the next one if a game is not in progress. In the latter case an additional interval of 90 seconds does not apply;

15.14.5.         awards a Conduct Game or a Conduct Match, the offending player retains all points or games already won;

15.15.         When a Conduct Penalty has been imposed, the Referee must complete any required documentation.